Radnor Hunt Indoor

a community equestrian facility


The Radnor Hunt Indoor is a community arena open for riders of all disciplines. Please feel free to stop by any time to check it out. If you have questions please email radnorhuntstables826@gmail.com.


We are open for community use. Anyone is welcome to use the indoor by signing up with our convenient online scheduling system. Click the “Schedule a Ride” button above to get started. Scroll down for cancellation policy, rules, and more info.


One trainer may conduct a lesson in the indoor at a time. Please use the scheduling page to reserve your trainer slot to ensure there is no overlap. All trainers teaching in the indoor MUST have a subscription; no pay-per-hour allowed.

If a trainer and rider spot are scheduled to conduct a lesson, there may be up to two additional riders using the arena at that time. Please be prepared to share the arena. If you wish to reserve the entire arena for your lesson, instructions for doing so can be found on the scheduling page.


8am-12pm: Trainers may reserve a maximum of 1 hour per lesson

12pm-7pm: Trainers may reserve unlimited hours per lesson

Cancellation Policy

Subscribers who do not cancel before 24 hours prior to their time slot and do not show up will be billed $30.

Pay-by-the-hour riders may cancel up to 24 hours prior to their ride time, after which they forfeit their hourly riding fee.

In the case of an unexpected emergency (lost shoe, sick horse/rider, dangerous driving weather, etc.) you may reach out to the indoor staff for cancellation accommodation

Shows, Clinics and Rentals

We host a variety of schooling shows and clinics. Check out our events site and Facebook page to learn more about upcoming and recent events.

The Radnor Hunt Indoor is available for rent to host your own show or clinic. Contact radnorhuntstables826@gmail.com for more information about renting the indoor for your event.

General Rules

  1. Your riding time begins at the start of the hour
  2. Helmets must be warn at all times
  3. Pick up after your horse. All manure must be removed.
  4. NO dogs
  5. NO Lunging
  6. Do not move the jumps, but feel free to adjust height
  7. No jumping without supervision
  8. Please use the porta potties, not the stable bathroom
  9. If your horse kicks, please use a red ribbon in their tail.
  10. Riders 18 and under must have adult supervision
  11. Please pick your horses feet before and entering and exiting the arena.
  12. Any damage must be brough to management’s attention immediately
  13. Courteously share the arena; communicate with other riders, pass left to left shoulder
  14. Respect the cancellation policy which requires 24 hours notice or loss of riding fee or $30 penalty fee for subscribers, whichever applies.

Trailer Parking in Snow

Trailers may be parked in the main club parking lot between the stables and club house when there is snow on the ground.

The Radnor Hunt foundation was established in 2000 as a 501(3)C charitable organization to foster national and international amateur sports competition for charitable and educational purposes. Our goal is to create a place for the community to share the love of equestrian sports. Stay tuned for our clinic and show series!